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A salicylate drug derived from sulfasalazine, C7H7NO3, used primarily to treat inflammatory bowel disease.



(USAN), mesalazine (INN) n mesalamina, mesalazina (INN)
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The increase was partially offset by lower revenues from ASACOL HD and MINASTRIN due to the loss of patent exclusivity, the continuing decline in NAMENDA XR and lower revenues from RESTASIS, which was negatively impacted by trade buying patterns in the quarter.
The agreement comprises technology transfer and commercial manufacturing of the products Entocort and Asacol.
In fact it could be treated according to three stages: 1- If the patient was in the first stage - SASA - the medicines given are Asacol or Pentasa.
At the time of the visit, she was receiving Asacol and Cipro for her colitis and nutritional supplements for weakness and malabsorption; but due to poor clinical response, she was advised by her gastroenterologist to resort to chemotherapy, which she refused.
Groups 1 and 2 were the control groups, respectively receiving 1 ml Asacol (Mesalamine) and 1 ml base gel (carboxymethylcellulose) as enema.
Both Eisai and Zeria have a strong track record in the field of gastrointernal diseases (Eisai with the PPI Pariet and the gastritis / gastric ulcer treatment Selbex, Zeria with the ulcerative colitis treatment Asacol and the world's first functional dyspepsia treatment Acofide) and will conduct co-promotional activities with the aim of bringing a product to the market for acid related diseases as soon as possible.
tablet extended release Ketoprofen Nu-Ketoprofen E Nu-Pharm (Canada) (Canada) Orudis SR (Canada) Aventis Pharma (Canada) (discontinued 2005) Mesalamine Asacol (United Warner Chilcott US States and Canada) LLC/Warner Chilcott Canada Co.
6bn, reflecting, among other things, the anticipated growth of its promoted products in the US, primarily LO LOESTRIN FE, ATELVIA, ESTRACE CREAM and ASACOL.
Prison doctors might have prescribed Asacol, an anti-inflammatory drug that initially costs about $600 for a six-week therapeutic course.
Warner Chilcott has also granted Lupin the rights to purchase and sell in the US an authorised generic version of the Asacol 400 mg product, which would be supplied by Warner Chilcott, only if a generic version of the Asacol 400 mg product is launched by a third party in the US.
Among the leading Rx brands that Warner Chilcott receives are Asacol HD (mesalamine) delayed-release tablets for ulcerative colitis, Actonel (risedronate sodium) for osteoporosis and copromotion rights to Enablex (darifenacin) for treatment of overactive bladder.