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A salicylate drug derived from sulfasalazine, C7H7NO3, used primarily to treat inflammatory bowel disease.

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(USAN), mesalazine (INN) n mesalamina, mesalazina (INN)
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Mesalazine (Asacol) and rifaximin (Xifaxan) are commonly recommended antibiotics for diverticular disease.
I remained in this state of being unwell for the next three years, back and forward to the doctor for check-ups and on the same tablets called Asacol, on and off steroids every few weeks.
* Aminosalicylates: Sulfasalazine (Azulfidine), olsalazine (Dipentum), mesalamine (Apriso, Asacol), balsalazide (Colazol)
"Drug manufacturer Warner Chilcott Limited pulled one of its products Asacol from the market just months before the drug's patent protection expired.
Medications Treated patients, n (%) Prednisolone 16 (72.7) Azathioprine 16 (72.7) Mesalazine 12 (54.5) Pentasa 7 (31.8) Asacol 6 (27.3) Folic acid 9 (40.9) Iron supplementation 7 (31.8) Omeprazole 6 (27.3) Calcium supplementation 6 (27.3) Multivitamins 6 (27.3) Biological therapy 5 (22.7) Adalimumab 4 (18.2) Infliximab infusion 2 (9.1) Table 6: The reported incidence and prevalence of pediatric Crohn's disease in Middle Eastern countries.
The increase was partially offset by lower revenues from ASACOL HD and MINASTRIN due to the loss of patent exclusivity, the continuing decline in NAMENDA XR and lower revenues from RESTASIS, which was negatively impacted by trade buying patterns in the quarter.
Capurso et al., "Oral mesalazine (5-aminosalicylic acid; Asacol) for the prevention of post-operative recurrence of Crohn's disease.
The agreement comprises technology transfer and commercial manufacturing of the products Entocort and Asacol. The partnership will also involve the commercial scale development of Tillotts' ongoing development program for TP05.
In fact it could be treated according to three stages: 1- If the patient was in the first stage - SASA - the medicines given are Asacol or Pentasa.
At the time of the visit, she was receiving Asacol and Cipro for her colitis and nutritional supplements for weakness and malabsorption; but due to poor clinical response, she was advised by her gastroenterologist to resort to chemotherapy, which she refused.
* Groups 1 and 2 were the control groups, respectively receiving 1 ml Asacol (Mesalamine) and 1 ml base gel (carboxymethylcellulose) as enema.