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 (nĭ-zäm′, -zăm′, nī-)
1. Used formerly as a title for rulers of Hyderabad, India.
2. The Turkish army, especially in the 1800s.

[Urdu nizām(-almulk), governor (of the empire), from Arabic niẓām, order, arrangement, from naẓama, to arrange; see nṯ̣m in Semitic roots.]


(Military) (formerly) a Turkish regular soldier
[C18: ultimately from Arabic nizām order, arrangement]


the title of the ruler of Hyderabad, India, from 1724 to 1948


(nɪˈzɑm, -ˈzæm, naɪ-)

1. the title of the ruler of Hyderabad from the 18th century to 1950.
2. (l.c.) the Turkish army or any member of it.
[1595–1605; (definition 1) < Urdu Nizām-al-mulk governor of the realm; (definition 2) < Turkish nizamiye regular army; both < Arabic niẓām order, arrangement]
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Their successors, the Asaf Jahi rulers carried on with the tradition till 1948.
The Asaf Jahi era began in 1724 with Qamaruddin Khan Asaf Jah I taking the reigns of power in Hyderabad as the Subedars of Moghuls and it continued till 9148 when Hyderabad, one of the biggest and most developed princely states was merged in to Indian union.
Such was its power that it flourished even under the Asaf Jahi dynasty's notorious miser, the seventh and last reigning Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, who hardly ever spent anything on himself, though he was personally worth 2 per cent of the U.
That is the reason we are urging the state government to include the positive aspects of the history of Kakatiya, Qutub Shahi (the founders of Hyderabad) and the Asaf Jahi rulers in the school textbooks so the new generation can take pride in their glorious past," said Safiullah, who heads the Deccan Heritage Trust.