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 (ə-sä′mə), Mount
A volcano, 2,568 m (8,425 ft) high, of central Honshu, Japan, near Nagano. One of the largest volcanoes in Japan, it erupted violently in 1783.
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Noun1.Asama - a volcano in central Honshu near NaganoAsama - a volcano in central Honshu near Nagano; one of the largest volcanoes in Japan (8,340 feet)
Hondo, Honshu - the central and largest of the four main islands of Japan; between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean; regarded as the Japanese mainland
Nihon, Nippon, Japan - a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building
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In science group (girls) Laiba Iftikhar, Asaver Gul stood first; Ayesha Nawaz came second; while Aliza Haider, Rushan Zahra Rizvi and Fatima Asama obtained third position.
Son yillarda maksiller defektlerin protetik rehabilitasyonunda en kritik asama olan olcu alinmasinda, dis hekimligi icin bir devrim niteliginde olan KIBT gibi goruntuleme sistemlerinin konvansiyonel olcu alma yontemlerine alternatif olarak kullanilabilmesi gundeme gelmistir (13-17).
9 May 2018 - Vietnam-based cryptocurrency data mining company Asama has acquired a controlling interest in Dominican Republic-based digital cryptocurrency mining and transactions firm Santo Mining Corp.
The Academy's American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) annually recognises these men and women through its Sport Artist of the Year, Honorary Doctorates, Medallion Series, Distinguished Service Awards, Outstanding Athletes, and Alumni of the Year awards.
Dr Abid Q Suleri, Executive Director, SDPI said the name of Asama Jahangir was synonym to human rights.
The Karuizawa Distillery was established in 1955 in the foothills of an active volcano Mount Asama. The location was notable for being the highest distillery in Japan at 850m above sea level.
This measure is designed to assess difficulties in vocational decision-making (Holland, Johnston, & Asama, 1993).
I'd like to tell them that the people, who have made you well-known actors, do not deserve this from you," Zaki, an actor, told private Egyptian television Al Asama.
Depi?1/2sitos de avalanchas de escombros en el mundo Volci?1/2n Deposito Altura (km) Longitud (km) Unzen 1972 0,7 6 Yatsugatake Nitasaki 2,4 32 Tateshima Otsukigawa 1,4 12,5 Asama Tsukahara 1,8 20 Bandai 1888 1,2 11 Chokai Kisakita 2,2 25 Tashiro-dake Iwasegawa 0,7 8,8 Komagatake 1640 1,2 15 Usu Zenkoji 0,5 6,5 Taranaki Pungarehu 2,6 31 Papandayan 1772 1,5 11 Iriga 1628?
The BBC website quotes anthropologist Asama Mungkornchai, from Prince of Songkla University, who notes that the dolls "appear to be particularly popular with middle class women." I've never been to Thailand, so I'm not qualified to comment on the role of Luk Thep in Thai society, and yet I've been thinking about these strange supernatural dolls a lot.