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Variant of Ashanti1.


(əˈʃæn ti, əˈʃɑn-)

n., pl. -tis, (esp. collectively) -ti.
1. a member of an Akan-speaking people of S Ghana.
2. the kingdom established by the Ashanti from a confederacy of smaller states in the 18th century, surviving with a limited degree of authority in modern Ghana.
3. the Akan dialect spoken by the Ashanti.
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In a powerful rallying cry for a reconnection to ancient African consciousness, Molefi Kete Asante sought to "overthrow parochialism, provincialism, and narrow Wotanic visions of the world by demonstrating the usefulness of an Afrocentric approach.
Asante, an awarding-winning poet, author and internationally acclaimed filmmaker, recently embarked on his most ambitious teaching assignment to date: educating the world about Kwanzaa.
Africans forget their history at their peril, says the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the king of the Asante people of Ghana.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-12 January 2007-Sentillion chosen by Asante Health(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Our Days Dwindle: Memories of My Childhood Days in Asante.
Afrocentrism, as Molefi Asante conceives of it, challenges the Eurocentric position.
Beta versions of the Windows 2000 drivers for both adapter cards are available for free from the Asante website.
This is not a conventional history, the narrative details of Asante history being largely assumed rather than expounded (or even, for the most part, summarized) but, as its title proclaims, an exploration of the relationship between 'state and society'.
Asante Real Estate Group welcomes Rob Ellis as the newest addition to their real estate team.
Among the Asante ethnic group of Ghana myths are advanced forms of stories that carry spiritual instructions which includes symbols that stand supreme in all their deliberations--from birth to adulthood and death; as well as during major cultural celebrations like giving a new born baby a name, during female initiation to adulthood and during marriage (Larunga, 1992; Ngangar & Prime, 1997).
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