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A·shan·ti 1

 (ə-shăn′tē, ə-shän′-) also A·san·te (-sän′tē)
n. pl. Ashanti or A·shan·tis also Asante or A·san·tes
1. A member of an Akan people of Ghana, formerly united in the Ashanti kingdom.
2. The Twi language of the Ashanti.

A·shan·ti 2

 (ə-shăn′tē, -shän′-)
A region and former kingdom of western Africa in present-day central Ghana. The powerful Ashanti confederation of states, formed in the late 17th century, was defeated by the British in 1896 and annexed to the British Gold Coast colony in 1901.
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npl -ti or -tis
1. (Placename) an administrative region of central Ghana: former native kingdom, suppressed by the British in 1900 after four wars. Capital: Kumasi. Pop: 3 187 607 (2000). Area: 24 390 sq km (9417 sq miles)
2. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Ashanti
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(əˈʃæn ti, əˈʃɑn-)

n., pl. -tis, (esp. collectively) -ti.
1. a member of an Akan-speaking people of S Ghana.
2. the kingdom established by the Ashanti from a confederacy of smaller states in the 18th century, surviving with a limited degree of authority in modern Ghana.
3. the Akan dialect spoken by the Ashanti.
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Now, assuming the President heeds to this call and sacks all his appointees who are Kwahus and Asantes, what will be the equal and opposite reactions?
A: I will say that God so loved the Asantes that he gave us Okomfo Anokye.
A lot of things changed for the Asantes in 2000, and Randy felt they needed help fashioning a comprehensive financial plan that would take those changes into account.
So by this, according to what Badu Kobi is saying, means all Ghanaian women are very problematic, and not only Asantes, Fantes and Ewes.
Most of the dwellings that housed the exiled Asantes in Victoria are no more, but the house in which King Prempeh lived, is still standing and in good condition.
Let us stop referring to ourselves as Ewes, Fantes, Dagombas, Brongs, Asantes, Akuapems and so forth.
Here again almost all the three historians are silent on the central system of administration while Claridge's view, dutifully adopted by Ward, 'that though the Asantes could conquer, they could not govern, in fact they never made any serious attempt to do so', needs drastic revision.
Where, as in Ward's A Short History of the Gold Coast, Asantes just seemed to do nothing but fight the British and everyone else, for no apparent reason, one could discern reason for Asante actions in Boahen's version of the same story.
The real purpose of the festival is to make a political point, namely, that the Asante nation is still united and strong and that even though individuals from Asante might be enrolled as members of diverse political parties; adhere to different religions; or practise a multitude of professions, they are all Asantes who owe allegiance to the Golden Stool of Asante and its custodian, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Asantehene.
The few people I managed to speak to made it abundantly clear that they valued the idea of being Asantes very highly, and that in as much as the Asantehene was the physical embodiment of the culture of Asante, they obtained a measure of spiritual upliftment by watching him and his court perform.