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(Elements & Compounds) the dried strong-scented root of the wild ginger plant: a flavouring agent and source of an aromatic oil used in perfumery, formerly used in medicine
[C19: via New Latin from Latin: hazelwort, from Greek asaron]
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Noun1.asarum - wild gingerAsarum - wild ginger        
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Aristolochiaceae, birthwort family, family Aristolochiaceae - family of birthworts (including wild ginger)
wild ginger - low-growing perennial herb with pungent gingery leaves and rhizomes
Asarum shuttleworthii, heartleaf, heart-leaf - wild ginger having persistent heart-shaped pungent leaves; West Virginia to Alabama
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More specifically used for verifying the condition of textiles, in both OA and MA texts, is the verb asarum. Rumors of important losses to moths can spread from Kanis to Assur.
As the determined technology developed, the PA was also detected within volatile oil from other plants, such as Herba Lysimachia paridiformis (22.54%) [5], Rhizoma Valeriana jatamansi jones (5.88%) [6], Rhizoma Nardostachys chinensis (4.5%) [7], Radix Mallotus apelta (4.48%) [8], Foliage Ficus microcarpa (4.05%) [9], Herba Pholidota cantonensis (3.60%) [10], Herba Asarum sieboldii (2.75%) [11], Herba Gendarussa vulgaris (2.68%) [12], Radix Helleborus thibetanus (0.811%) [13], Herba Sedum sarmentosum (0.53%) [14], Aquilaria agallocha (0.392%) [15], Pericardium Citri reticulatae (China: Xinhui, 0.178%; Guangxi, 0.162%; and Fujian, 0.086%) [16], Fructus Periploca forrestii Schltr.
Using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (TRFLP) analysis of PCR-amplified 16S-rDNA sequences, we characterized eubacterial community structure in soil collected on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University beneath native Canadian wildginger (Asarum canadense L.) and exotic invasive winter creeper (Euonymus fortunei (Turcz.) Hand.-Maz.).
et Wils; 7.1 g Cinnamonum cassia Presl (Chinese cinnamon); 3.5 g Mentha arvensis L.; 2.3 g Asarum sieboldii Mig.
TZP consists of Astragalus, Salvia, Scorpion, and Asarum. Astragalus and Salvia could promote the recovery of nerve structure and motor function [7, 8]; Scorpion and Asarum help to restore the sensory function [9, 10].
The dense summer and late-summer herbaceous community included Impatiens spp., Geum canadense, Cryptotaenia canadensis, Viola striata, and Asarum canadense (Fig.
High values of [F.sub.IC] were obtained for toothache and heart disease (0.88 and 0.83, resp.), showing that locals had reached good agreement on the plant species (Polygonatum odoratum, Valeriana officinalis, Acorus calamus, and Asarum sieboldii) to be used for these ailments.
In Altai, both the north and west facing slope receives relatively high precipitation and experiences low temperature, therefore, many broad-leaved species come under the canopy of Abies sibirica, like Viburnum opulus, Daphne mezereum, and Asarum europaeum.
Wumei Pill consists of 10 medicinal herbs including ebony, asarum, dried ginger, berberine, cork, angelica, aconite, peony, cassia twig, and ginseng.
Piperascens, Asarum sieboldii and Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fischer and mixing herbs to obtain an herbal medicine material.
The aristolochic acids (AAs) are derivatives of nitrophenanthrene present in plants of the genus Asarum spp.