Asarum canadense

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Noun1.Asarum canadense - deciduous low-growing perennial of Canada and eastern and central United StatesAsarum canadense - deciduous low-growing perennial of Canada and eastern and central United States
wild ginger - low-growing perennial herb with pungent gingery leaves and rhizomes
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Aesculus glabra, Comus racemosa, and Ulmus americana (Table 1), Asarum canadense, Impatiens capensis, Laportea canadensis, and Lysimachia nummularia (Table 2).
serpentaria, asarum canadense, wild ginger) VERY LIKELY HAZARDOUS: Banned in other countries, FDA warning, or adverse effects in studies Comfrey (Symphytum Abnormal liver function or FDA advised industry officinale, ass damage, often irreversible; to remove from market ear, black root, deaths reported.
Banned in asarum canadense, wild seven European ginger) countries and Egypt, Japan, and Venezuela.
In this paper, we ask whether known dispersal mechanisms can account for the Holocene spread of the temperate woodland herb, Asarum canadense L.
The presence of large lower branches among the larger, older stems and the absence of species common in the area, such as Asarum canadense, in the southern half of Munsee Woods suggest that the site was once more open and may have been used for grazing when it was part of Whitney Farm or Green Hills Farm.
This study specifically addressed aspects of seed survival of Asarum canadense L.
Keywords: Microbial composition, eubacterial diversity, TRFLP, Euonymus fortunei, Asarum canadense
The spring herbaceous flora includes Asarum canadense, Cardamine concatenata, C.