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In Altai, both the north and west facing slope receives relatively high precipitation and experiences low temperature, therefore, many broad-leaved species come under the canopy of Abies sibirica, like Viburnum opulus, Daphne mezereum, and Asarum europaeum. Pinus sibirica, along with Larix sibirica, is found in central Altai (2100 meter above sea level) and dark coniferous taiga with Picea obovata, Abies sibirica and Pinus sibirica at (1985-2050 m) in the northern and southwestern areas (Blyakharachuk et al.
If you have such an area, then why not carpet it with the dark, glossy leaves of Asarum europaeum, or Lily of the Valley, whose white, bell-shaped flowers are sufficient reward for its invasiveness.