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 (ăsh′kə-lŏn′, äsh′kĕ-lôn′)
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He sought death five hundred years later, in the wars of the Crusades, and offered himself to famine and pestilence at Ascalon.
Next came one Who mourn'd in earnest, when the Captive Ark Maim'd his brute Image, head and hands lopt off In his own Temple, on the grunsel edge, Where he fell flat, and sham'd his Worshipers: DAGON his Name, Sea Monster, upward Man And downward Fish: yet had his Temple high Rear'd in AZOTUS, dreaded through the Coast Of PALESTINE, in GATH and ASCALON, And ACCARON and GAZA's frontier bounds.
Ascalon intentionally skipped the all-too-familiar spiel of the current boom in the Philippine economy and the rise of Filipino tech talent not just for outsourcing, but also for start-up funding.
On hand to greet the attendees at the Roadshow held at Fort McKinley Restaurant here were VP for Marketing Martin Paz, Public Relations Manager Archie Nicasio and Deputy Consul General of San Francisco Jaime Ramon Ascalon.
ANA ABAYA, Jonas Sason, Dennis Ascalon, Lance and Therese Ledesma
Ascalon said in a disclosure to the Philippines Stock Exchange.
on Thursday, 8 March to Ascalon Street, SW8 following reports of a stabbing," the statement said.
52pm on Thursday to Ascalon Street in South West London following reports of a stabbing.
Earlier, Lam was chief investment officer for Ascalon Capital Managers Limited, a multi-boutique manager specialising in making and managing investments in multiple alternative investment managers.
Jaime Ramon Ascalon, deputy consul general of the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco said consular staffers are in touch with Santos' family and are helping coordinate the return of her remains to Manila.
Ascalon received the Torchbearer Award for Public Service, citing his contributions to improving the delivery of Consular, ATN and other services to our kababayans.