Ascending line

(Geneol.) the line of relationship traced backward or through one's ancestors. One's father and mother, grandfather and grandmother, etc., are in the line direct ascending.
- Ferguson.

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Azerbaijan and the UAE enjoy fruitful cooperation in various fields and their mutual relations are developing both in the political, economic and cultural fields with ascending line.
Abdel Mehdi said the impact of Yemen on crude prices would be short-lived: "Of course political issues such as the crisis in Yemen can give some push to the ascending line of prices, but it will have temporary effect.
The ascending line charted the simultaneous rise of new welfare cases.
A steadily ascending line from the handlebars to the tail creates a slight wedge shape, lending the BMW Concept Ninety an almost ready to attack stance when viewed from the side - like a sprinter about to explode into action.
For example, the privileged ascending line relatives do not have the right to partible inheritance if the testate has children that can and want to come to the inheritance (class I of succession eliminates IInd class of privileged ascending line relatives, in accordance with the principles of legal transmission of rights of the inheritance);
Schiff plays the partitas not in the usual order but in an ascending line of keys from G major to E minor -- numbers 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6 -- having found this ordering of them to be more effective on the concert stage.
Instead, the reasoning moves in an ascending line marked by three stages: cosmological, epistemological, and ethical.
Family" is defined as the EU citizen's spouse plus their dependant children and direct relatives in the ascending line (parents, grandparents).
The ascending line depicted the simultaneous rise of new welfare cases.
The Commission defines a 'family member' as the spouse, the direct descendants and the direct relatives in the ascending line.
The European Commission proposal only grants them automatic residency if they are dependants in the ascending line.
Next come under-age children, including adopted children of the ascending line of the applicant or his spouse or unmarried partner who are dependent on them and have no other means of family support in the country of origin, and finally, children of the applicant or his spouse or unmarried partner, being of full age, who are objectively unable to satisfy their needs by reason of their state of health.