Ascetic theology

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the science which treats of the practice of the theological and moral virtues, and the counsels of perfection.
- Am. Cyc.
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Having completed a year of ascetical theology study at the Jesuit Tertianship in Pomfret, Conn.
It would be simplistic and misleading to suggest that ascetical theology concerns human effort and mystical theology embraces God's work.
However, this reviewer thinks the richest clues and insights are to be found, not in ascetical theology or in philosophy, but in circling back to and excavating what readers are given in this book: stories.
expounds Orthodox dogmatic, liturgical, and ascetical theology, and insists that all of these, like Rublev's icon, are ordered toward believer's personal appropriation of and by the Holy Spirit.
First, alongside classic themes which were in the first volume of the Dictionary such as ascetical theology, mystical theology and spiritual theology, the New Dictionary includes ground-breaking entries on a wide range of contemporary themes and metaphors.
Romero's doctoral degree was in ascetical theology.
Keenan follows with his presentation of virtue ethics as the best method for building bridges between moral theology and the following: ascetical theology, liturgy, church life, and Scripture.
Jones is the Dean of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, and former Professor of Ascetical Theology at General Theological Seminary.
James Keenan makes a strong case that fundamental moral theology's ongoing recovery from a sin-obsessed minimalism requires the infusion of a holistic ascetical theology, a character-centered virtue ethics, and a liberation theology that educates us to stand with the victims of violence and injustice--particularly women.
Ascetical theology was a subdivision of spiritual theology.
Irregular theology has often been overlooked in the West; this disregard has especially affected the appraisal of the place of mystical and ascetical theology in the Western tradition.