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Flexicon Europe Ltd has opened a new office in Aschaffenburg, Germany, to provide factory-direct engineering services and technical sales support to customers throughout Germany.
The first complete sensing unit based on Stratophase's patented biochemical detection technology has been selected by the University of Applied Sciences at Aschaffenburg, Germany, for a three-year government-funded research project.
PWE recently attended a ceremony to mark the 500,000th truck to roll off Linde Material Handling's assembly line at its Aschaffenburg plant in Germany, and to officially open its new development centre.
Transporters with the Rhine River Detachment loaded equipment in barges at Bamberg, Aschaffenburg and Mannheim during the last two weeks of January.
From its reasonably promising start in the Kaiserreich, however, the nascent field of German criminology began to move in more doubtful directions in the Weimar Republic, particularly, Wetzell argues, in its becoming more "medicalized." Although some scholars like Aschaffenburg, Karl Birnbaum, Franz Exner, and Hans von Hentig continued to produce important studies that accented socioeconomic as well as hereditarian factors in crime causation, German criminal-biology, as the discipline came to be known, became increasingly dominated by psychiatrists and physicians who believed that the prime causes of crime lay more in defective people than in defective environments.