Ash Can

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or ash can  (ăsh′kăn′)
1. A large, usually metal receptacle for trash.
2. Slang A depth charge.
3. Slang A powerful cylindrical firecracker.
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Noun1.Ash Can - early 20th-century United States painting; portrays realistic and sordid scenes of city life
art movement, artistic movement - a group of artists who agree on general principles

ash can

n (Am) → bidone m per le immondizie
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Whether monofilling (the land filling of ash only) should be required, or whether ash can be safely disposed of through co-disposal with other solid waste in a controlled sanitary landfill.
They came up from San Francisco on Friday night sleeper trains and, when they tired of skiing, rented galoshes and went tobogganing, or sledding on the lids of ash cans.
A number of council officers will visit Queen Street on Friday and will be offering free ash cans to shoppers and workers throughout the day.
But still Benja hesitated, clutching at the sock and staring out of the window, past the ash cans in the uncultivated garden to the slag heap beyond.