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A·shan·ti 1

 (ə-shăn′tē, ə-shän′-) also A·san·te (-sän′tē)
n. pl. Ashanti or A·shan·tis also Asante or A·san·tes
1. A member of an Akan people of Ghana, formerly united in the Ashanti kingdom.
2. The Twi language of the Ashanti.

A·shan·ti 2

 (ə-shăn′tē, -shän′-)
A region and former kingdom of western Africa in present-day central Ghana. The powerful Ashanti confederation of states, formed in the late 17th century, was defeated by the British in 1896 and annexed to the British Gold Coast colony in 1901.


npl -ti or -tis
1. (Placename) an administrative region of central Ghana: former native kingdom, suppressed by the British in 1900 after four wars. Capital: Kumasi. Pop: 3 187 607 (2000). Area: 24 390 sq km (9417 sq miles)
2. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Ashanti


(əˈʃæn ti, əˈʃɑn-)

n., pl. -tis, (esp. collectively) -ti.
1. a member of an Akan-speaking people of S Ghana.
2. the kingdom established by the Ashanti from a confederacy of smaller states in the 18th century, surviving with a limited degree of authority in modern Ghana.
3. the Akan dialect spoken by the Ashanti.
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The women's team of Lilli Burdon (1,200 meters), Ashante Horsley (400), Raevyn Rogers (800) and Katie Rainsberger (1,600), broke the collegiate DMR record with a time of 10 minutes, 48.
Le transfert du defenseur club ghaneen Ashante Kotoko, Emmanuel Ocra au club africain est annule, annonce le club Tunisois, sur sa page officielle facebook.
2) It is argued that the Gold Coast was not a centrally organised unit before the European contact but it was made up of independent states and kingdoms prominent among which were the Ashante, Akwamu, Denkyira, Fante, Akyem, and the Ga.
Snacks were provided by Tatihana Manning of Glamrus Bakes and product donations were provided by Ashante Smallwood of Princess Asia's Collection, LLC and Shikelia Joyce of Nappy Queens.
And Imani Ashante wrote: "So, I guess this means people of colour can wear locks freely now and not be blocked from a promotion?
When identical twins Imani and Ashante Marshall were just two days old they were diagnosed with a rare and often very painful condition called sickle cell disease.
In 2013, the companys development programme had commenced aiming at generating an environment and opportunity to share skills and knowledge and also to allow entrepreneurs to use these skills in business to better enrich their lives, said Ashante Manetti, the public relations, corporate social responsibility and stakeholder coordinator.
8 May 2015: Emily Ebersole, Evan Greening, Ashante D.
Belgrade Theatre in Coventry has got a youth workshop over half term involving Halloween activities, from left, Luke Thomson 13, Ashante |Hurst-Walker, aged nine, community and education apprentice Emma Madden and Oliver Blackwell, aged nine
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Ashante Manetti, External Communications Practitioner for Telecom Namibia handed over a N$45,000 cheque as the second main sponsor of the conference.
For instance, in Tanganyika, it was introduced by Governor Donald Cameron in 1926, and in the Ashante protectorate by James Maxwell.