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Noun1.Ashir - chief god of the AssyriansAshir - chief god of the Assyrians; god of military prowess and empire; identified with Babylonian Anshar
Assyria - an ancient kingdom in northern Mesopotamia which is in present-day Iraq
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In Hindko music, the first prize of Rs100, 000 was given to Zain Ali, second prize of Rs75000 was clinched by Tehmeena and 3rd prize of Rs50, 000 was given to Ashir Bhatti.
Known only as Ashir, he has been left terrified by nightly attacks at the house he shares with five friends in Glasnevin, North Dublin.
Child singers included Wado and Gumbat from Umer Kot and Jehangir from Rohri, Zamin from Peshawar, Ashir and Subhan Niazi from Islamabad.
15-year-old Bomarsund bowler Jaden Sparrow celebrates after bowling GEMS bats-|man Ashir Ahmed in the Northumberland League Premier Division.
Ashir Ashirov (Turkmenistan), a winner of many national and international contests, played rhapsody by Gurban Kuliyev on piano, accompanied by Galkynysh orchestra.
The board will be presided over by former Finance Minister Raya al-Hasan, and will consist of six other members: former Finance Minister Jihad Azour, Wassim Mansouri, Antoine Habib, Ramzi Hafez, Antoine Diab and Ashir al-Dayeh.
Civil Affairs has widened its services to people with hearing and sight disabilities, launching a service called Ashir (sign) in all its branches throughout the Kingdom.
Unidentified gunmen kidnapped Sunday two veiled women and a young man, as they were standing on a sidewalk beside the Sah-Sah coffee shop in the Ashir al-Daya neighborhood of Tripoli.
Caption: In the picture Ruan Scheun Left, Gideon Nasilowski and Ashir Morar Right
Ashir, in southern Tripoli, after intense shelling by rival militias,
The top scorers were Syed Ashir and Adel Uz Zaman with 14 runs each as Faizan and Afzak with three wickets were backed by Assad and Qasim with two wickets each restricted HSBC to 94 for 9.
It is not like they ask us and then start firing," said a student, Ashir Iqbal.