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 (äsh′gä-bät′) also Ash·kha·bad (äsh′kä-bäd′, -KHä-bät′)
The capital of Turkmenistan, in the south-central part of the country near the border of Iran. It was founded as a fortress in 1881. A major earthquake in 1948 virtually destroyed the old city.


(ˌæʃ gəˈbɑt, ˌɑʃ-)
the capital of Turkmenistan, in the S part. 518,000. Formerly, Ashkhabad, Poltoratsk.
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In: Desertification Combat and Food Safety: the added value of Camel producers, Ashkabad, Aturkmenstan, ISO Press.
The 'Milestone' decisions at Ashkabad come at a time when Russian interest in buying Turkmen gas is getting low.
On December 12, 2010, in the Turkmenistan capital Ashkabad, the relevant leaders reaffirmed their intent to complete the project.
KARACHI -- The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK 775 from Islamabad to Leeds-Bradford (UK) was diverted to Ashkabad (Turkeministan) on Saturday to save a passenger, who had suffered a severe heart problem during the flight.
PRESIDENT TURKMENISTAN VISIT: Turkish President Abdullah GE-l will be welcomed with official ceremony by Turkmen President Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov in Ashkabad.
ASHKABAD: Turkmenistan plans to begin production at the world's second-largest gasfield next year, a senior Turkmen official said, opening up new EU- and US-backed supply routes to Europe and Asia at the risk of Russian opposition.
Pakistan and Turkmenistan had agreed to sign a gas sale and purchase agreement (GSPA) in Ashkabad on November 15, for delivery of 1.3 billion cubic feet a day of Turkmen gas at 69 per cent of crude oil parity price under the $7.6 billion Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline project.
Every time I visit Ashkabad, I notice how developed the city is and has become one of the most modern cities of the world, Gul noted.
The Turkmen President proposed the holding of an Investment Forum at Ashkabad. The Prime Minister said that he would send the Chairman, Board of Investment, and the Chairman of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan to seek out prospects of greater cooperation in different sectors.
The gas sales and purchase agreement (GSPA) is planned to be signed on November 15, 2011 in Ashkabad. The transit cost would be around 8% of the gas price.