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or Ash·qe·lon  (ăsh′kə-lŏn′, äsh′kĕ-lôn′)
An ancient city of southwest Palestine on the Mediterranean Sea. Inhabited as early as the third millennium bc, it was a seat of worship for the goddess Astarte.
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In 488/1095, at the age of twenty, Abu Bakr went to Ashkalon on the coast where he studied for six months.
The Israeli forces broke into the house, searched it and arrested al-Batran, then took him to Ashkalon interrogation center.
Under the terms of the MoU, Egypt will supply 7 BCM/year to Israel for a period of 15 years through a pipeline running from El-Arish in Egypt to Ashkalon in southern Israel.
"Der Grabstein des Antipatros von Ashkalon," AM 13, pp.
The cities of Joppa and Ashdod fell to Jonathan, whereupon the people of Ashkalon, apparently without a fight, chose to side with him, and 'came out to meet him ([Greek Text Omitted] ...
Furthermore, the military courts in Ofer and Ashkalon detention centers have renewed the arrested of 8 Palestinian detainees to complete the interrogation.
These include the report "Ashkalon is one of the two queens, from which God will resurrect seventy thousand souls on the Day of Judgment free of account" and the hadith that an animal ate part of a crucial early copy of the Qur'an and left the revelation permanently truncated.
PNN On Wednesday 6th February, the Israel Prisons Service (IPS) of Ashkalon prison in Beersheba decided to transfer 11 prisoners to Nafha and Rimon Israeli prisons and deprive them of visitors for two months.