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or Ash·qe·lon  (ăsh′kə-lŏn′, äsh′kĕ-lôn′)
An ancient city of southwest Palestine on the Mediterranean Sea. Inhabited as early as the third millennium bc, it was a seat of worship for the goddess Astarte.
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The rocket fired earlier from the Gaza Strip into Ashkelon damaged several cars.
Summary: A Grad rocket fired from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip landed in the Israeli city of Ashkelon on Tuesday morning but caused no casualties, Israeli officials said.
The 254-km line links the Mediterranean port of Ashkelon to the Red Sea terminal at Eilat.
The helicopter raid followed a rocket attack on Israeli city Ashkelon.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Commission of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners said the Israeli prison authorities at Ashkelon jail has slapped penal measures against Palestinians locked up in section 3.
Following is an excerpt from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks, today (Tuesday, 20 February 2018), in Ashkelon, at the opening of Barzilai Medical Center's fortified emergency room: "We are fortifying the hospital because this is our basic obligation to ensure the security of our citizens.
Hof Ashkelon Regional Council head Yair Farjun said: "What we're seeing here is an ecological terror attack.
He currently lies in the ICU of Barzilai hospital, occupied Askalan (Ashkelon) south of Israel, in critical conditions.
| GAZA, Oct 28 (KUNA) -- Palestinian militants from north Gaza Sunday evening fired another rocket at Ashkelon in south Israel, the Israeli military claimed.
JERUSALEM: A Qassam rocket and six mortar rounds hit southern Israel on Wednesday morning, the Israeli military said, with the rocket landing near the southern Israeli port city of Ashkelon.
<![CDATA[ Tombs in Ashkelon threaten government stability as ministers argue over construction of a hospital wing, Health Ministry Director-General quits.]]>
The rocket, which landed near the Israeli city of Ashkelon, was one of a few to hit the Jewish state since a Jan.