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 (ə-sō′kə, -shō′-) Known as "the Great." Died 232 bc.
King of Magadha (273-232) who united most of the Indian subcontinent under one rule and was converted to Buddhism, establishing it as the state religion.


(əˈsəʊkə; əˈʃəʊ-)
(Biography) died 232 bc, Indian emperor (?273–232 bc), who elevated Buddhism to the official state religion


(əˈsoʊ kə)

died 232 B.C., Buddhist king in India 269?–232? B.C.
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It was commissioned by the emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE.
The restored site also houses the Ashoka Stupa, one of the 84,000 built by Ashoka the Great more than 2000 years ago.