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 (ăsh′kə-lŏn′, äsh′kĕ-lôn′)
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The 71-year-old Palestinian writer, who was born in Ashqelon in present-day Israel before his family was forced to move to Gaza, said his inspiration for the book came because of a family member he knew as a child.
RAMALLAH, Feb 7 (KUNA) -- An Israeli soldier was wounded on Sunday when he was stabbed near the central bus station in Ashqelon.
Images begin at the archeological site of Ashqelon, with fragments of pottery and a famous well, now dry, and ends with a series of images of ancient sacred stones.
Ashqelon in four suicide bombings (one in collaboration
The 24-inch-high granite structure, decorated with carvings of three bull heads, ribbons, and laurel wreaths, was discovered May 17 while salvage excavations were being carried out for a new hospital emergency room in the southern Israeli city of Ashqelon.
I drove a car to Ashqelon near the Gaza Strip and forgot the way
Ramat Hovav and the Negev Junction, and between Ashqelon and Beersheba.