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Richard said: "The EEHV virus continues to be a major threat to Asian elephants worldwide, in zoos and the wild.
Dr Mark Pilgrim, chief executive officer at Chester Zoo, said: "Asian elephants are an endangered species and a world without them is unthinkable.
The virus is known to be present in almost all Asian elephants, both in the wild and in zoos worldwide, but only develops into an illness in some elephants, which is almost always fatal.
But with fewer than 50,000 Asian elephants left in the wild it is important that we find answers.
Published by Conservation International, a non-profit environmental organisation, the report highlights that the populations of African and Asian elephants are in danger across the world.
Travers said: "It is deeply unfortunate that Martin Clunes, while exploring the relationship between captive Asian elephants and the people of Nepal, rode a captive elephant...
At the turn of the 20th century, there were a few million African Elephants and about 100 000, Asian elephants. Today, there are an estimated 450 000 - 700 000 African elephants and between 35 000-40 000 wild Asian Elephants.
Current population estimates for Asian elephants in the country, as per 2017 Census, are about 30,000.
Asian elephants snatched from the wild and conscripted to haul logs in Myanmar's timber industry live on average five years less than working elephants born in captivity, researchers said Tuesday.
A charity has handed Theresa May a 200,000-name petition demanding she helps end the suffering of Asian elephants used as tourist attractions.
Cameras go behind the scenes in this fascinating film as a family of four female Asian elephants prepares to move home.
The sanctuary in Kuala Gandah, central Malaysia, is an area of secluded rainforest where 'mahouts' a as the keepers are known a care for a 26-strong group of endangered Asian elephants.

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