Asian cockroach

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A′sian cock′roach

a pale brown cockroach, Blatella asahinai, native to Asia, that flies and is attracted to light.
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Two types of nocturnal predator have stood out from the rest: the cursorial (running) spiders, mainly Hibana futilis, and the Asian cockroach, Blattella asahinai.
For the Asian cockroach work, see "Asian Cockroaches Could Aid Texas Growers," Agricultural Research, January 2008, p.
Based on this survey, we conclude that the Asian cockroach is distributed throughout the city of Dothan.
The Asian cockroach was first recorded in the United States from specimens collected in Lakeland, Florida in 1986 (Brenner et al.
The Asian cockroach is very similar in appearance to the German cockroach and a number of other Blattella species (Roth, 1985).
1988), the Asian cockroach Blattella asahinai Mizukubo is now found in several southeastern states.
Introduction of exotic Asian cockroach Blattella asahinai Mizukubo to the United States was first described in Lakeland, Florida in 1986 (Brenner et al.
The wings of the Asian cockroach are usually longer and narrower than those of the German cockroach.
Until such products hit the market and prove useful, the Asian cockroach problem is bound to get worse, Brenner concludes.
In the summer of 2006, he discovered a new predator that feeds on lepidopteran eggs--the Asian cockroach, Blattella asahinai.
First found in Florida in 1986, the Asian cockroach didn't appear interested in expanding its range past the southeastern states.
The technique will allow other researchers to monitor the spread of the Asian cockroach, says Carlson, who developed it with Richard J.
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