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Noun1.giant hornet - European hornet introduced into the United Statesgiant hornet - European hornet introduced into the United States
hornet - large stinging paper wasp
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It is smaller than our own hornets and shouldn't be confused with the Asian giant hornet that can kill people.
But an Asian giant hornet nest was discovered in Gloucestershire on Tuesday - the first such discovery on British soil.
A DEADLY Asian giant hornet has been spotted by a student in the UK.
The invading insect - thought to be an Asian giant hornet - began dive bombing 74-year-old Peter Wilkinson while he was repairing the roof of his shed.
Biologists said Asian giant hornet, which can grow up to 5cm (2ins) in length and has a 5mm long sting, was most likely the culprit.
The Asian giant hornet has already terrorised the south of France, where it has become a common sight in recent years.
AGGRESSIVE ATTACK A feared and venomous giant hornet devours a honeybee DEADLY The Asian giant hornet kills about 40 people each year
A mother and son died in China after being surrounded by a swarm of the 5cm-long Asian giant hornets.

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