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A·sian A·mer·i·can

also A·sian-A·mer·i·can  (ā′zhən-ə-mĕr′ĭ-kən)
A US citizen or resident of Asian ancestry. See Usage Note at Amerasian.

A′sian-A·mer′i·can adj.
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1. an American born in Asia or of Asian descent.
2. of or pertaining to Asian-Americans or their culture.
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A. ADJasiático-americano
B. Nasiático-americano/a m/f
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nAmerikaner(in) m(f)asiatischer Herkunft
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While the Asian-American experience has some parallels with the queer and trans experiences (around finding power in community, at the least), there's a group that intersects all this: Asian-American LGBTQs.
The black-tie event is the largest Asian-American event in the Midwest and will mark the beginning of the Year of the Pig with the theme "One World.
Three Taiwanese-Americans won in midterm election races held in New York yesterday, including Grace Meng, Yuh-Line Niou, and John Liu, all three of whom are Democrats and have made historic firsts for Asian-American politicians in the state.
Harvard University faces accusations that it discriminates against Asian-American applicants.
If you are an Asian-American, you have most likely heard of a movie called Crazy Rich Asians, based on the popular novel of the same name by Kevin Kwan.
In simple terms, an Asian-American (and the lawsuits include Korean, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian students) who has a perfect SAT score, was at the top of her class, excelled at a sport and showed leadership potential during her high school career can be rejected on the basis that she did not seem 'likeable' in the interview.
The Asian-American award ceremony was part of Annual Asian-American Heritage Month Celebrations here.
Malaysian filmmaker Bradley Liew's 'Singing in Graveyards' and Japanese director Kohki Hasei's 'Blanka' will be shown at the CAAMFest, considered the 'largest showcase for new Asian-American and Asian films' in the United States.
But there is also a fairly startling--and growing--achievement gap between white students and Asian-American students, and it can't be chalked up to family income or education (e.g., Hsin & Xie, 2014).
These are among the findings of a 2016 survey by Prudential Financial, "Asian-American Financial Experience." The focus of an August 25 media briefing hosted by Prudential at the Asia Society in New York City, the study delves into financial challenges the community shares with the larger U.S.
"The pool of highly-qualified Asian-American college applicants has doubled.

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