1. The act or process of making or becoming Asian in character, culture, or outlook.
2. Development of more complex, integral relations among Asian nations, apart from external involvements.
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If the 19thcentury featured the Europeanization of the world and the 20th century its Americanization, then the 21stcentury is the time of Asianization.
"Modernity and Tradition in Shakespeare's Asianization." Multicultural Shakespeare 10.25 (2013): 5-10.
These elements put Japanese brands and culture to compete with Western influences, and contribute to a further "Asianization" of Asians.
"The Arab-Asian Nexus is recognizing that as the Western anchor in the new Silk Road, Arab countries want to much more broadly embrace this 'Asianization'...
During this period, the 'Asianization' of Singapore created a sense of unease among Eurasians and aroused suspicions about the group's perceived allegiance to the Singaporean state.
Aseanization is pervasive, even if Southeast Asianization is not.
I go on to analyze what I refer to as the notion of globalization as Asianization, which has guided Santiago's foreign policy for the past quarter of a century (Arnson and Heine 2014).
The "Asianization" process of the global architecture is well on its way to completion.
Therefore the readers of the book cannot find adequate analysis on Russian and Chinese involvement in Syrian crisis, Iran's growing ties with these states to balance against the West, dependence of Chinese capitalism on Persian Gulf oil supplies as well as China's growing trade and investment ties to this sub-region, which has recently inspired debates on the "Asianization" of the Persian Gulf.
Toronto's East Gallery reflects the Asianization of Canada's economy, and Asia now has a "film summit" in Toronto.
"'Asianization' and Locally Customized 'Kor-Asian' Movies: Goodbye, One Day (2010) and Sophie's Revenge (2009)." Trans 3.1 (2012): 81-92.
The US al-Monitor website wrote that Sanctions have shifted Iran's international trade direction from the West to the East, thus a trade policy of Asianization or Easternization.
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