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 (nĭ-zäm′, -zăm′, nī-)
1. Used formerly as a title for rulers of Hyderabad, India.
2. The Turkish army, especially in the 1800s.

[Urdu nizām(-almulk), governor (of the empire), from Arabic niẓām, order, arrangement, from naẓama, to arrange; see nṯ̣m in Semitic roots.]
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(Military) (formerly) a Turkish regular soldier
[C18: ultimately from Arabic nizām order, arrangement]


the title of the ruler of Hyderabad, India, from 1724 to 1948
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(nɪˈzɑm, -ˈzæm, naɪ-)

1. the title of the ruler of Hyderabad from the 18th century to 1950.
2. (l.c.) the Turkish army or any member of it.
[1595–1605; (definition 1) < Urdu Nizām-al-mulk governor of the realm; (definition 2) < Turkish nizamiye regular army; both < Arabic niẓām order, arrangement]
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While the Charminar tower was built in 1591, during the Qutub Shahi era, the clocks on its four sides were installed only in 1889 during the Asif Jahi period.
Though the princely state of Hyderabad was ruled by ten rulers during the Asif Jahi dynasty from 1724 to 1948 (Only seven of them were given the title of Asaf Jah by the Mughal Emperor), it was the sixth Nizam who was the most popular of them all and who ruled the hearts of his subjects cutting across the faith, caste and creed and whose 27-year era was called the "Most "Romantic Era of Hyderabad's history".
His proposal to change the name of Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park in Hyderabad to "Asif Jahi Park" has also evoked negative reaction from some quarters including a few Congress leaders.
Hyderabad was merged into the Indian Union in September 1948 through military action marking the end of the Asif Jahi era.