Asimina triloba

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Noun1.Asimina triloba - small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruitAsimina triloba - small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruit
papaw, pawpaw - fruit with yellow flesh; related to custard apples
custard apple, custard apple tree - any of several tropical American trees bearing fruit with soft edible pulp
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Annonacin in Asimina triloba fruit: Implication for neurotoxicity.
Molecular characterization of cultivated pawpaw (Asimina triloba) using RAPD markers.
Ranging from eastern Oklahoma to the Atlantic, and from southern Michigan to Louisiana, the pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is like a tropical fruit adrift in our temperate climate, with a history as beguiling as its flavor.
Our experiment was a paired design in which one set of data loggers (hereafter paired sets of data loggers) was placed under Amur honeysuckle and another set of data loggers was placed <10 m away under the native shrub spicebush (Lindera benzoin), or, at the Clifton site, a combination of spicebush and pawpaw (Asimina triloba).
Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is a native tree with tropical aspirations.
Additional bioactive compounds and trilobacin, a novel highly cytotoxic acetogenin, from the bark of Asimina triloba. Journal of Natural Products, 55: 347-356.
Distinctive shrubby species are relatively infrequent: Amorpha croceolanata, Asimina triloba, Ilex decidua, Symphoricarpos orbiculatus, and Viburnum rufidulum.
The pawpaw (Asimina triloba) belongs to the tropical custard apple family, which includes delights such as sweetsop, soursop, cherimoya and, of course, the custard apple, which is the botanical family's namesake.
(1999) reported that the evaluation of annonaceous acetogenins varied quantitatively in monthly samples of paw paw (Asimina triloba).
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