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abbreviation for
Australian Security Intelligence Organization
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Noun1.ASIO - a genus of European owlsAsio - a genus of European owls    
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Strigidae, Strigidae - a family of nocturnal birds of the order Strigiformes
Asio otus, long-eared owl - slender European owl of coniferous forests with long ear tufts
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ASIO stretches over an area of 14 million square feet and is comprised of 353 plots for light and medium industrial, mix use, some retail and a large accommodation plot.
In addition to AES67 streams, REALAY can mix all types of native PC audio using included ASIO, WDM, WASAPI and MME drivers.
In the criticism of ASIO's perceived paranoia which followed, the Age wrote that on the few occasions ASIO had 'been exposed to the public gaze and put to the test of independent judgement, there have been disturbing signs of inefficiencies and irregularity'.
2008: The food of the barn owl Tyto alba and the long-eared owl Asio otus from the Pomeranian province, N Poland.
The legal counsel assisting the inquest, Jeremy Gormly, said ASIO examined Monis' Facebook page three times after the hotline received the warnings starting on December 9 last year, six days before the siege.
ASIO said there are at least 3,000 Western fighters in the Middle East and 20 Australians have already died in the conflict.
Sharrouf was a convicted terrorist, having been arrested in November 2005 as part of Operation Pendennis, a joint ASIO, federal police and state police investigation that foiled two terrorist cells in Melbourne and Sydney.
Keenan, in voiceover, suggests that 'old warriors inside ASIO were unable to tell the difference between youthful subversion and revolutionary dissent.
NET supports recording and encoding in several formats and from different audio sources through DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI.
Asio added that because Russian tourists are their top clients, they have adapted and learned some basic Russian words to give them extra advantage in dealing with them.
The Army requirements led to some deep changes in the Utri's VTOL designs, the Micro-UAS Spyball and the mini-UAS Asio.