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Noun1.Ask Jeeves - a widely used search engine accepting plain English questions or phrases or terms
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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Ask Jeeves discovered the changing use of text and email language during a survey of 1,000 people.
Ask Jeeves spent more than $100 million building its brand around the cartoon butler during the dot-com boom.
Ask Jeeves will pay USD150m in cash and 9.3m shares of Ask Jeeves stock to acquire the online properties.
Ask Jeeves' new Smart Search tools are modeled after real user behavior.
Ask Jeeves receives 360,000 direct questions and an average 1.8million queries - such as basic name searches - every day.
Ask Jeeves Concierge will provide members with access to a vast array of goods, services and accredited experts in a multitude of fields, including gastronomy, travel, cultural and leisure activities, entertainment, sports, motoring, special occasions, beauty, shopping and even home maintenance.
In many ways, the newly released Ask Jeeves toolbar stands out as the most family-friendly; it includes a Search AJ Kids feature that searches only child-appropriate Web sites and a Search Events feature that locates restaurants, events, or show times based on the user's ZIP code or city and state.
Ask Jeeves, which built its reputation with technology that allows users to search against a large, manually constructed database of frequently asked questions, uses a more conventional engine to handle those searches for which its database lacks close matches.
Other weighty issues include mortality, the secret of happiness and what is the meaning of life, in questions compiled by the Ask Jeeves.
Ask Jeeves polled 1,000 people and the website's Nadia Kelly said: "As parents learn words, the kids will come up with new ones.
The official line at the revamped Ask Jeeves search engine is that he decided to quit and head for the sun.
Search engine Ask Jeeves UK has begun offering two paid for inclusion products for advertisers wanting to target the UK & Ireland markets.