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or Ash·qe·lon  (ăsh′kə-lŏn′, äsh′kĕ-lôn′)
An ancient city of southwest Palestine on the Mediterranean Sea. Inhabited as early as the third millennium bc, it was a seat of worship for the goddess Astarte.
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Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon; lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph."[Quotation]
But in a sixth-floor apartment block back in Askelon, 15-year-old Efrat Jamil is grown up enough not to feel too hopeful.
negev, Be'er Shiva, Askelon and Sha'ar Hanegev, the Israeli army spokesperson
In Shrivings, a play replete with biblical names of characters and places, as well as with allusions to both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, the battling men are not two brothers, but two strong individuals, Mark Askelon and Gideon Petri, fighting for the hearts and minds of two young people.
They are being held hostage by the Israeli intelligence service for interrogation.eINThe PLC deputy noted that Gaza Palestinians are being detained in Al Naqab because of a lack of space in the investigation rooms of Askelon, Jalama and Petah Tikva.
Every time Sky shows a demolished Palestinian house a roofless building in the southern Israeli towns of Sderot or Askelon inevitably follows.
The current air strikes on Gaza, and continuing rocket attacks on Askelon, Sderot and other towns in southern Israel, only prove how dire the situation is becoming.
Recently, Sderot and Askelon (population 120,000) were hit by 220 of these rockets in a single four-day period.
Nevo and Koren point out that in 619 Sophronius was likewise barred from reaching Askelon by Arabs (while on his way to bury John Moschus at Mt.