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 (ə-skē′sĭs) or as·ce·sis (-sē′-)
The exercise of rigorous self-discipline, especially mental self-discipline practiced as a means to spiritual growth.

[Greek askēsis, exercise, asceticism, and Late Latin ascēsis, asceticism (Late Latin, from Greek), from Greek askein, to exercise, practice.]


the procedure of demonstrating self-control and determination of action and purpose
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My current research explores the appeal of constructing a "masculine" lyric subjectivity and the threat of self-abnegation through excess that askesis holds for Victorian male poets and critics.
Part 2 explores how the church fathers derived ascetic meanings from particularly difficult texts--how one could travel "from reproduction to defamilialization" or "from ritual to askesis.
Using the askesis of a rigorous style to forge matter into art, the aesthete dies to the existing world in order to construct a transfigured world.
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The literature provides few accounts of askesis (severe self-discipline) in African societies, at least in ways that are immediately familiar.
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