Asking for directions

Asking for directions 
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POLICE are investigating after a woman was allegedly confronted by a man asking for directions while touching himself inappropriately.
GMP City Centre posted on Facebook: "2 phones just taken from restaurant table by 2 females using map and asking for directions to distract victims.
A 35-year-old Washington woman, mother of three said she was attacked after she tried to warn people around her about a man who approached her asking for directions while he was allegedly masturbating in a grocery store parking lot, according to several reports Thursday.
A few years ago, car insurance firm Sheila's Wheels researched the subject and said men clock up an average of 276 miles a year driving aimlessly around without asking for directions.
Mr Harbon had just withdrawn his pension when he was approached by a man asking for directions in Alcester Street, Redditch.
However, to make it harder, participants were bombarded by actors asking for directions. As soon as the player's eyes strayed from the screen, the game was over.
"Their long-suffering wives and girlfriends, meanwhile, insisted on asking for directions, knowing full well it would have to happen eventually," he said.
A MAN was mugged after asking for directions to hospital after becoming unwell.
The 22-year-old victim was walking along the Cob in Valley, Anglesey, at around 2pm on Tuesday when she was approached by a man who was asking for directions.
When that failed, they followed her from the store at Portchester, Hants, and distracted her by asking for directions.
A police spokeswoman said the woman was attacked after losing her way when looking for a toilet and asking for directions. She said the woman was attacked at around 10pm - about two hours before Sir Tom performed.
Sean was killed after he got in a row after asking for directions to a party in a posh Dublin suburb.