Asking for directions

Asking for directions 
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GMP City Centre posted on Facebook: "2 phones just taken from restaurant table by 2 females using map and asking for directions to distract victims.
A 35-year-old Washington woman, mother of three said she was attacked after she tried to warn people around her about a man who approached her asking for directions while he was allegedly masturbating in a grocery store parking lot, according to several reports Thursday.
A few years ago, car insurance firm Sheila's Wheels researched the subject and said men clock up an average of 276 miles a year driving aimlessly around without asking for directions.
Getting from A to B was the main cause of arguments, followed by driving too fast, not asking for directions and noisy children.
Their long-suffering wives and girlfriends, meanwhile, insisted on asking for directions, knowing full well it would have to happen eventually," he said.
A MAN was mugged after asking for directions to hospital after becoming unwell.
The 22-year-old victim was walking along the Cob in Valley, Anglesey, at around 2pm on Tuesday when she was approached by a man who was asking for directions.
When that failed, they followed her from the store at Portchester, Hants, and distracted her by asking for directions.
A police spokeswoman said the woman was attacked after losing her way when looking for a toilet and asking for directions.
A shopper was approached on the car park by a man asking for directions.
Sean was killed after he got in a row after asking for directions to a party in a posh Dublin suburb.
This is a well-known landmark and provides a reference point for people asking for directions - "Oh yes, you turn right at the Lego Building.