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(French anjɛr)
(Placename) a suburb of Paris, France, on the Seine. Pop: 82 720 (2006)



a city in N central France, near Paris. 75,679.
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We wanted to see some of this kind of Paris life, however, and therefore the next night we went to a similar place of entertainment in a great garden in the suburb of Asnieres.
When we arrived at the garden in Asnieres, we paid a franc or two admission and entered a place which had flower beds in it, and grass plots, and long, curving rows of ornamental shrubbery, with here and there a secluded bower convenient for eating ice cream in.
tude pour une baignade, Asnieres that brought a new auction record for a work on paper by Seurat when it sold for GBP 7.
The new, more stylish trophy case was hand-crafted over 100 hours at Louis Vuitton's workshop in Asnieres, just outside Paris.
During his short career (he died at age 31), Seurat created two paintings that to this day are considered masterpieces of modern art: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884-86) and this month's Clip & Save Art Print, Bathers at Asnieres (1883-84).
The first of Seurat's monumental masterpieces, the 1883-84 Bathing place, Asnieres, has not left the National Gallery in London to join the exhibition, but there are several preliminary, paintings and sketches displayed here.
Howard Hodgkin has gone for the outright masterpiece of late-nineteenth-century painting in the gallery's collection--Seurat's Bathers at Asnieres, ca.
The thief and car were apprehended at nearby Asnieres.
Sir Adam, a 67-year-old Warwickshire farmer, inherited the Bateaux Pres De La Berge A Asnieres, by French Impressionist Georges Seurat, from his mother, Sydneycrrctcrrctcrrct Courtauld, after her death in 1957.
Contract award notice: Demolition building asnieres la giraud rd150 rd 217e2 (france-la rochelle: Demolition work)
In 1883 he began studies on Bathers at Asnieres, this month's featured Clip & Save Art Print, which he completed in 1884.