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n.1.The act of asperating; a making or becoming rough.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He now gave a cry of ex- asperation and made a furious motion with his hand.
Finnish high-tech component manufacturer Aspocomp Group Oyj said on Wednesday (27 April) that it had agreed with the Finnish precision plastics manufacturer Perlos Corporation on the division of their joint research & development (R&D) company Asperation Ltd.
Asperation was established in spring 2002 to engage in R&D on the integration of components used in the products of the mobile phone and electronics industries.
Marketed under the names Broccoline or Asperation, the uniquely-flavored product features a small broccoli head and an edible stem of kale.
tour of South African leader Nelson Mandela to the drug bust of Washington Mayor Marion Barry, from a $50 million gift to the United Negro College Fund to a presidential veto of a civil rights bill, Black America swung back and forth between exhiliration and asperation in 1990.
Located in the Helsinki area, the new company will be called Asperation and it will be equally owned by Aspocomp and Perlos.
Russia and Rosatom-with serious asperations in the global commercial nuclear power market at stake-would never permit Iran to load any domestically-produced fuel into the Bushehr reactor without acceptable safety assurances and legal liability coverage.
Whilst this fate will never befall the top English clubs, of course, the rest of the Premier League and chasing Championship clubs, with asperations of reaching the top, should be allowed to battle it out for survival and promotion as it is now - there should be no change at all.