Asperger syndrome

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As·per·ger syndrome

 (ăs′pər-gər) or As·per·ger's syndrome (-gərz)
A form of autism spectrum disorder that is less severe than other forms, characterized by difficulty with social interaction and communication and by repetitive behavior or restricted interests. No longer in clinical usage.

[After Hans Asperger (1906-1980), Austrian pediatrician.]
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The incorrect education of children with Asperger's syndrome can lead to suicide.
When she was diagnosed with Asperger's, Rachel, who is halfway through two terms studying at the renowned Conservatori Superior de Musica del Liceu in Barcelona, said she had a sense of relief.
ABLIND pianist says being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome has helped her understand her talent and the world better.
The Springwatch star was diagnosed with Asperger's - an autism spectrum disorder - in 2005, but has said that if there was a cure he is not certain he would want it.
The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome provides a personal perception of children, teenagers and adults with Asperger's syndrome based on the author's extensive clinical experience.
Autism, Asperger's syndrome, autistic spectrum disorder; you may well have heard of all these terms but what does it all mean?
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Exploring Depression, and Beating the Blues: A CBT Self-Help Guide to Understanding and Coping With Depression in Asperger's Syndrome [ASD-Level 1]
amp;nbsp;Claire Harman - author of recent biography "Charlotte BrontAaAaAeA{: A Life" - discussed many of BrontAaAaAeA{'s traits, some of w she said resembled symptoms related to Asperger's, (https://www.
Not everyone with Asperger's syndrome will find these things difficult because everyone with Asperger's syndrome is different.
SPRINGWATCH star Chris Packham has been hailed by Asperger's sufferers for admitting to the condition.
That is very important to her and brings happiness to her life while trying to balance the challenges that Asperger's brings.