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n. pl. as·per·gil·li (-jĭl′ī′)
Any of various fungi of the genus Aspergillus, which includes many common molds.

[New Latin Aspergillus, genus name, from aspergillum, aspergillum (from the resemblance of its conidiophore to an aspergillum brush); see aspergillum.]
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n, pl -gilli (-ˈdʒɪlaɪ)
(Botany) any ascomycetous fungus of the genus Aspergillus, having chains of conidia attached like bristles to a club-shaped stalk: family Aspergillaceae
[C19: from New Latin aspergillum (from its similar appearance)]
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(ˌæs pərˈdʒɪl əs)

n., pl. -gil•li (-ˈdʒɪl aɪ)
any fungus of the genus Aspergillus, having sporophores with a bristly, knoblike top.
[1840–50; < New Latin; alter. of aspergillum]
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Noun1.aspergillus - genus of common molds causing food spoilage and some pathogenic to plants and animalsAspergillus - genus of common molds causing food spoilage and some pathogenic to plants and animals
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Aspergillaceae, family Aspergillaceae - family of fungi including some common molds
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Portanto, o objetivo deste trabalho e investigar o processo de biossorcao de ions cromio (VI) em meio aquoso empregando biomassa fungica de Aspergillus ochraceus como bioadsorvente.
Yeast extract was also reported as the best nitrogen source for Candida utilis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae [6] and Aspergillus ochraceus [11].Very low values (0.17 and 0.08 U/mL) of invertase activities were observed when urea was used as nitrogen source.
In addition occasionally ochratoxin A produced by Aspergillus ochraceus or Aspergillus carbonarius may occur in chillies.