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a.1.Rough; uneven.
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We'll be trying to use these words this week New words Asperous: bitter and rough on the palate Eg: celery Hogo: highly flavoured or seasoned (from the French 'haute gout') Eg: sausage Friable: easily crumbled Eg: shortbread Puckery: sour enough to make your mouth pucker Eg: preserved lemons Mordacious: sharp and possessing real bite Eg: mustard Say 'This asparagus is weirdly asperous: I don't think it's in season yet.' y Say 'Your venison sausages are so hogo, Hugo.' Say 'Oxo cubes may be friable, but I tried and they ain't deep fry-able.' Say 'This is strong tequila, Mother!
In general, the asperous land in hill and mountainous regions, and the irregular reclaimed land are suitable for garden.
/ A face uneven as a river jag / and asperous as the mullein's flannel leaves")--is bordered on its four sides by the book's title, relineated as a quiet plea: use less land scape.