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Noun1.Aspidiotus - a genus of DiaspididaeAspidiotus - a genus of Diaspididae    
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Aspidiotus perniciosus, San Jose scale - small east Asian insect naturalized in the United States that damages fruit trees
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The actual verse recorded by Spencer, according to Tom Bagot, features the akapurntenge (the Lower Arrernte word for the brown falcon) (Breen 2008), that had 'caught sight of two ancestral carpet snakes' (ahinenhe or woma snake; Aspidites ramsayi) who had travelled to Akeltye from the neighbouring Wangkangurru territory (Strehlow 1968:7-8).
Wana hunters search mostly for burrowed sand goanna lizards (Veranus gouldii), but also python (Aspidites spp.), skink (Tiliqua multifasciata), feral cat (Felis silvestris), and ridge tailed goanna (V.
striatus 1293 348 1495 6.2 1528 -0.97 Aspidites melanocephalus 3855 385 1900 7.8 1780 -0.35