Asperger syndrome

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As·per·ger syndrome

 (ăs′pər-gər) or As·per·ger's syndrome (-gərz)
A form of autism spectrum disorder that is less severe than other forms, characterized by difficulty with social interaction and communication and by repetitive behavior or restricted interests. No longer in clinical usage.

[After Hans Asperger (1906-1980), Austrian pediatrician.]
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The Aspie College, Work & Travel Survival Guide is an award-winning resource created especially for college students with Asperger's Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism.
Of course, for years many "Aspies," as Grandin called them, perhaps never formally diagnosed, have been enrolled in college; some few, at the milder end of the spectrum, have become professors (O'Shaughnessy).
To better serve a particular set of customers, this article focuses on NVLD and Aspie teens.
ASPIE was launched in September 2011 as a motivation group for adults with Asperger's and granted charity status last year.
The decision not to include this model in the overall discussion of disability is not intended as a judgment about Deaf culture or the "Aspie" movement.
As a high school teacher, literacy professor, and parent of an "Aspie," I've come to know many students living educational lives on the spectrum.
Stanford, a successful business woman whose husband has Asperger syndrome, writes a how-to for the "Aspie" looking for advice on how to work successfully with others in the business world.
This new season will feature: an interview with Taylor Morris, an Autism and Asperger's advocate who talks about what it's like to have an "Aspie" mind; a saddle-maker from Arkansas who specializes in crafting personalized saddles to accommodate anyone with special needs; a ranch in Tennessee breeding and training therapy dogs and donkeys; fundraiser ideas; and more personal stories from exceptional families.
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Mary-Minn Sirag, president of KindTree, says the retreat has featured live music before but never by a fellow aspie - until the Raventones played last year.
"We don't have a disease," said Jack, echoing the opinion of the other 15 boys at the experimental Aspie school here in the Catskills.
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