aspiration pneumonia

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Noun1.aspiration pneumonia - inflammation of the lungs caused by inhaling or choking on vomitus; may occur during unconsciousness (anesthesia or drunkenness or seizure or cardiac arrest)
bronchial pneumonia, bronchopneumonia - pneumonia characterized by acute inflammation of the walls of the bronchioles
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Foreign body aspiration can lead to postobstructive pneumonia due to airway obstruction or due to vegetable matter causing aspiration syndromes. In the present case, the postobstructive pneumonia due to LLL obstruction led to the patient seeking medical attention, which ultimately led to the discovery of the aspirated almond.
cardiac conditions, intra- and extrathoracic airway obstruction, aspiration syndromes and cystic fibrosis, should be looked for and the child referred to the relevant specialist for definitive management.
Pulmonary aspiration syndromes. Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine, 17(3), 148-154.