Asplenium scolopendrium

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Noun1.Asplenium scolopendrium - Eurasian fern with simple lanceolate frondsAsplenium scolopendrium - Eurasian fern with simple lanceolate fronds
fern - any of numerous flowerless and seedless vascular plants having true roots from a rhizome and fronds that uncurl upward; reproduce by spores
Asplenium, genus Asplenium - in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae
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However, some of our native evergreen ferns will do very well in dry shade, such as hart's tongue fern, Asplenium scolopendrium, Polystichum setiferum, the soft shield fern and the common polypody Polypode vulgare.
The shiny evergreen British native Hart's Tongue fern, Asplenium scolopendrium, is the ultimate survivor and can withstand whatever the weather throws at it.
Understanding mechanisms of rarity in pteridophytes: competition and climate change threaten the rare fern Asplenium scolopendrium var.
It is moulded with the leaves of the Asplenium scolopendrium, better known as the hart's-tongue fern.
Asplenium scolopendrium, es el scolopendrium de las farmacopeas.
Polypodium is often accompanied by the upright shuttlecocks of Asplenium scolopendrium, also known as the hart's tongue fern.
Plants that immediately spring to mind include hostas, Crocus tommasinianus, Convallaria majalis (lily-of-the-valley) and two evergreens - Asplenium scolopendrium (hearts tongue fern) and Iris foetidissima.