Asplenium trichomanes

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Noun1.Asplenium trichomanes - small rock-inhabiting fern of northern temperate zone and Hawaii with pinnate frondsAsplenium trichomanes - small rock-inhabiting fern of northern temperate zone and Hawaii with pinnate fronds
spleenwort - any of various chiefly rock-inhabiting ferns of the genus Asplenium
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This cute fern, Asplenium trichomanes, is ideal for woodland-themed containers beside more feathery ferns, such as Asplenium x ebenoides, which can be planted in limy mortar in north-facing dry stonewalls.
I'm also using more crevice-loving plants to embellish the space including house leeks (Semperviviums), Sedum Obtusatum (Sierra Stonecrop) and the tiny fern maidenhair spleenwort (Asplenium Trichomanes) will look natural and bring the wall to life.
Ymlaen a ni nes cyrraedd Pont Rhyd Ceffylau 1778 sy'n croesi Afon Cwm Du mae'n debyg, a syllu ar rhyd gerllaw ac ar geinder y bont a duegredynen gwallt y forwyn (Asplenium trichomanes; Maidenhair spleenwort).
Roedd duegredynen gwallt y forwyn (Asplenium trichomanes; maidenhair) yn tyfu ar y wal gerrig ac ychydig o ddail bysedd y cwn.
In addition, one taxon, Asplenium trichomanes Linnaeus, reported by Woods and Diamond (2007) based on a single collection made from the study area was recently annotated by Jack Short to A.
The tiny Maidenhair Spleenwort, Asplenium trichomanes, not a lover of acidic soils, is an ideal candidate for dry stone walls, crevices and rocky places in the shade.
Drought- tolerant plants are best suited for tight crevices and these include thyme, sempervivums, sedums and many dwarf ferns like Asplenium trichomanes and Ceterach officinarum.
Rhedyn arall welwch chi'n tyfu ar hen waliau, yn enwedig waliau ble mae calch i'w gael ydi duegredynen gwallt y forwyn (maidenhair spleenwort; Asplenium trichomanes).