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 (ăs′ə-mēz′, -mēs′)
Of or relating to Assam or its people, language, or culture.
n. pl. Assamese
a. A native or inhabitant of Assam.
b. A person of Assamese ancestry.
2. The Indic language of the Assamese.
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npl -mese
1. (Languages) the state language of Assam, belonging to the Indic branch of the Indo-European family and closely related to Bengali
2. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Assam
3. (Peoples) of or relating to Assam, its people, or their language
4. (Placename) of or relating to Assam, its people, or their language
5. (Languages) of or relating to Assam, its people, or their language
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(ˌæs əˈmiz, -ˈmis)

n., pl. -mese,
adj. n.
1. an Indo-Aryan language spoken in Assam.
2. a native or inhabitant of Assam, esp. a native speaker of Assamese.
3. of or pertaining to Assam, the Assamese, or the Indo-Aryan language of Assam.
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Noun1.Assamese - native or inhabitant of the state of Assam in northeastern IndiaAssamese - native or inhabitant of the state of Assam in northeastern India
Indian - a native or inhabitant of India
2.Assamese - the Magadhan language spoken by the Assamese people; closely related to Bengali
Magadhan - a subfamily of Indic languages
Adj.1.Assamese - of or relating to or characteristic of Assam or its people or culture or language
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But, son, I am angry that thou shouldst meddle in the business that belongs to these dirty Assamese jungle folk.
An Assamese driver, two or three elephants ahead, turned round angrily, crying: "Bring up Kala Nag, and knock this youngster of mine into good behavior.
An updated d o c ume n t called the National Register of Citizens of India (NRC) has declared 1.9 million Assamese foreigners and will deport them.
Summary: The Assamese rightly believe that there are around four to seven million foreigners in Assam, not just two million as the list suggests.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Aug 8 (ANI): Late Assamese singer-composer Bhupen Hazarika will be honoured with India's highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna, by President Ram Nath Kovind today.
Mumbai, India, May 08, 2019 --( Assamese is a branch of the Indo-Aryan language, which evolved in the 7th century AD having its roots in the Sanskrit language.
Summary: Keralites, Bengalis and Assamese usher in new year on same day
IANS New Delhi The Government on Friday night announced Bharat Ratna for former President Pranab Mukherjee, Nanaji Deshmukh, one of the founders of BJP, and eminent Assamese poet and musician Bhupen Hazarika on the eve of the country's 70th Republic Day.
It has four translated works where the original writings were in Assamese, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi.
Moving from phonology through morpho-phonology and morpho-syntax to syntax, they consider such aspects as the phonology and phonetics of laryngeal stop contrasts in Assamese, disharmony and decay: Itelmen vowel harmony in the 20th century, diachronic and synchronic aspects in the expression of temporal distance in the past: a process of grammaticalization in Italian compared with other Romance languages and English, and postverbial subjects and nuclear pitch accent in Italian wh-questions.
The academies are being formed to preserve the heritage of India's most spoken languages, including both national and regional languages spoken in different parts of the country, such as Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Marwari, Tamil, Kashmiri, Haryanvi, Assamese, Kannada, Odiya, Kumaoni-Garhwali-Jaunsari, etc.