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n.1.(Zool.) A small foxlike animal (Vulpes cama) of South Africa, valued for its fur.
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He took the Ass home and put him in the straw-yard with his other Asses, upon which the new animal left all the others and at once joined the one that was most idle and the greatest eater of them all.
On Ascension Day we left Baylur, having procured some camels and asses to carry our baggage.
Thus war was announced to the Bear, and all four-footed animals were summoned to take part in it, oxen, asses, cows, deer, and every other animal the earth contained.
And as he descended the winding stairs of the courts: "A fine rabble of asses and dolts these Parisians
She had indeed suspected him of weakness almost asinine with respect to Gertrude, but then all men were asses in their dealings with women, and since he had transferred his weakness to her own account it no longer seemed to need justification.
Hush, senor," said Sancho, "don't talk that way, but open your eyes, and come and pay your respects to the lady of your thoughts, who is close upon us now;" and with these words he advanced to receive the three village lasses, and dismounting from Dapple, caught hold of one of the asses of the three country girls by the halter, and dropping on both knees on the ground, he said, "Queen and princess and duchess of beauty, may it please your haughtiness and greatness to receive into your favour and good-will your captive knight who stands there turned into marble stone, and quite stupefied and benumbed at finding himself in your magnificent presence.
At last, upon a pledge that each should apply to his family with a common frankness, this convention of unhappy young asses broke up, went down the common stair, and in the grey of the spring morning, with the streets lying dead empty all about them, the lamps burning on into the daylight in diminished lustre, and the birds beginning to sound premonitory notes from the groves of the town gardens, went each his own way with bowed head and echoing footfall.
and among them file trains of laden asses, not much larger, if any, than a Newfoundland dog.
Long files of camels and asses laden with merchandise from Jenne were winding in under the noble trees.
Here the conversation was interrupted by a water-cart lumbering past us, for we were now come to the busy part of the sands; and, for the next eight or ten minutes, between carts and horses, and asses, and men, there was little room for social intercourse, till we had turned our backs upon the sea, and begun to ascend the precipitous road leading into the town.
In application of article 2, 6 o a and 7 o b of the law of 17 june 2016 on public procurement, The municipality of asse will act as a purchasing center in the sense that it places public contracts or framework agreements relating to works, Supplies or services intended to are for contracting authorities or contracting entities, In particular: - ocmw asse, Gasthuisstraat 2, 1730 asse, - autonomous gemeentebedrijf asse, Gemeenteplein 1, 1730 asse, - amow police zone, - church factories.
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