Assembly room

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a room in which persons assemble, especially for dancing.

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He had never been to a play in his life till then (poor touring companies sometimes came to the Assembly Rooms at Blackstable, but the Vicar, partly on account of his profession, partly because he thought it would be vulgar, never went to see them) and the passion of the stage seized him.
Pickwick and his friends, escorted by Dowler, repaired to the Assembly Rooms, and wrote their names down in the book--an instance of condescension at which Angelo Bantam was even more overpowered than before.
the Master of the Ceremonies, emerged from his chariot at the door of the Assembly Rooms in the same wig, the same teeth, the same eye-glass, the same watch and seals, the same rings, the same shirt-pin, and the same cane.
And when the party entered the assembly room it consisted of only five altogether-- Mr.
In the bare assembly room the men were gathered round a long table.
The Old Assembly Rooms in Newcastle's Fenkle Street were completed this day in 1776.
The 17-year-old victim had been out in the city with friends when she was savagely attacked near Newcastle's Old Assembly Rooms.
The show will be held at the Tamworth Assembly Rooms on May 22 as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the programmes first screening on BBC TV.
12 Angry Men, Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, 0131 226 2428, 12.
Police said the alleged rape happened in the back lane at the Old Assembly Rooms, near the entrance to the Newgate Street car park.
More More More, courtyard cafe, The Assembly Rooms, Fenkle Street, Newcastle, NE1 5XU.
STEWART Lee took a swipe at fellow comic Jimmy Carr at Edinburgh's Assembly Rooms yesterday.