n.1.A sitting beside or near.
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Montenegro has been holding assession talks with the EU since 2012 and in June this year it became a NATO member.
For determining specificity of MARCO in IL-1[beta] release experiment, AM from WT mice were treated with MARCO Ab (polyclonal goat IgG, rmMARCO; aa 70-518 assession number: Q60754, Catalog number: AF2956 obtained from R&D Systems, Minneapolis, MN) 30 min prior to exposure to silica or endotoxin for 24 hr.
All sequences were deposited in GenBank (GenBank Assession Numbers DQ873890-DQ873916 for the regions from ITS1 to ITS2, DR873917-DQ873942 for 16S rRNA).
On Monday March 18, 2002, Prince Michael of Kent (KVCO), a cousin of the Queen, addressed the Members of the Legislative Assembly from the floor of the Chamber as part of the Golden Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's assession to the throne.
The Daimler was the personal property of Queen Mary until 1952 and was one of two cars given to the King and Queen to mark the Silver Jubilee of King George V's assession to the throne.
The average (and range) of the proportion of shared AFLP fragments among assessions ([F.sub.A]) compared between taxa and ploidy groups (pair-wise).
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