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Contract notice: Purchase of machinery and equipment under the project number called major renovation zalavEir and asset acquisitions.
9 April 2013 - US oil and gas resources developer First Titan Corp (OTCBB:FTTN) said Tuesday it is exploring new asset acquisitions and corporate mergers to help with further expansion this spring.
The gGroup will provide clients with cross-disciplinary skills for real estate transactions involving joint ventures, preferred equity investments, mezzanine financings, asset collateralizations and securitizations, fund formation, syndications and structured asset acquisitions and dispositions.
This rule requires a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the dollar limit for asset acquisitions above $200,000.
197) remains the same, goodwill is still amortized for 15 years for tax purposes, which decreases the effective tax rate for asset acquisitions.
If the company makes stock or asset acquisitions of companies during the audit period, it must determine its exposure.
Also, asset acquisitions should be well planned to ensure the election is helpful.
As an outside director, Peter's involvement with Lucas will facilitate, and accelerate the strategic quality of new asset acquisitions in the future," said James Cerna, Lucas Energy CEO.
Mandel Resnik, established in 1977, is distinguished for its breadth of experience and capabilities relating to the acquisition, operation and disposition of real estate and the structure of real estate related transactions, cooperative and condominium law, its counsel in stock and asset acquisitions and advice in strategic acquisition, expansion and divestiture programs; and its representation of clients in matters of litigation including shareholder and partnership disputes, employment and discrimination actions, insurance coverage issues, and a wide range of real estate related matters.
Control is generally indicated by ownership by one company (directly or indirectly) of over 50% of the outstanding voting shares of another company For Federal income tax purposes, the same concept applies to applicable asset acquisitions under Sec.