associate's degree

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as·so·ci·ate's degree

(ə-sō′sē-ĭts′, -āts′, -shē-)
An academic degree conferred by a two-year college after the prescribed course of study has been successfully completed.

asso′ciate's degree`

a degree granted by a junior college for the completion of two years of study.
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Students holding Associate Degrees will also be able to re-enter the education system by getting admission in the fifth semester of a BS programme after fulfilling additional entry requirements, ED HEC informed.
ceremony at Colonial Life Arena will see almost 2,400 degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded to students in more than 120 academic programs, according to the release, with 85 graduates receiving associate degrees and certificates the same year they graduate from high school in MTC's dual enrollment program.
Recruits with associate degrees from nationally accredited institutions can apply now
The share of students from traditionally underrepresented minority groups pursuing associate degrees in the humanities in community colleges has increased substantially in the last quarter of a century, according to a new report revealed by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.
After two years of slight declines, the number of associate degrees conferred by U.S.
While associate degrees typically share the characteristic of a two-year curriculum, the distinction between the two major categories is critically important to both college students and faculty.
ERIC Descriptors: Vocational Education; Employment; Education Work Relationship; Job Training; Work Experience; Certification; Apprenticeships; Associate Degrees; Postsecondary Education; Labor Force Development; Educational Finance; Educational Attainment; Information Systems; Middle Class; Income
At that time, associate degrees programs were beginning in community colleges, hospital based diploma programs were strong, and baccalaureate degrees were coming into their own.
"ADU places great emphasis on offering its students a sound system of education and we are proud to extend this privilege to students from KIC seeking high-quality education consistent with the standards held by KIC's wide range of associate degrees," said ADU Chancellor, Dr Nabil Ibrahim.
ADU chancellor Dr Nabil Ibrahim, said, "ADU places a great emphasis on offering its students a sound system of education and we are proud to extend this privilege to students from KIC who are seeking a high quality of education that is consistent with the standards held by KIC's wide-range of associate degrees."
CCQ is also working closely with many local industries, governmental ministries and other institutions to offer in future Associate Degrees in Applied Sciences in selected programmes that lead to job opportunities in certain fields including, business management, construction engineering, media and communications and information technology.

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