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n.1.An associate; a confederate or partner in any scheme.
How Pennsylvania's air agrees with Quakers,
And Carolina's with associators.
- Dryden.
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The Associator operator (a) generates, for each tuple of the relation R, all their possible subsets (itemsets) of different size.
Likewise, each laureate's discovery description of information processes could be mapped onto input, internal and output transducer subsystems, as well as decoder, transducer, channel and net, timer, associator, memory, decider, and encoder subsystems, at the cellular, organ or organism levels.
Both regular and irregular forms are inflected using a pattern associator and no separate default process is assumed to exist to deal with regular or novel forms.
1) Most important point is that there is no direct equivalent to Miller's associator.
Recall that the Linear Associator has perfect recall when it works with orthonormal vectors.
For example, understanding the meaning of a word that is heard is achieved through the connections between the domain that contains the sound features of language and the domain that contains concept features (the acoustic to concepts representations pattern associator, Figure 4, pathway 6-5).
Closing with a Disparity between a True Patriot, and a Factious Associator (1682).
As an example, Ling (1994) implemented a series of head-to-head comparisons between his symbolic pattern associator (SPA) and feed-forward connectionist models in terms of generalization abilities on learning the past tense of English verbs.
The arguments of an associator can, thus, be uninstantiated variables signifying types or names of actual objects.
The display routine takes as arguments the file descriptors for the MARC input and associator files, the MARC record number, format, display number, a pointer to the print function being used, and the maximum length of lines to be output.
Learning in LST is a two-stage process involving the memory and the associator subsystems.
The 10 subsystems that process information only are the input transducer, the internal transducer, the channel and net, the decoder, the associator, the memory, the decider, the encoder, the output transducer and the timer.
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