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While companies operating under an assumed business name should register it with the Secretary of State's office, it is not uncommon for small companies not to be registered, particularly if they are not doing business with the general public.
Property Options, assumed business name of Greyson Financial LLC; Lane County Assessment and Taxation; McLain Electric LLC; JE Preston Roofing, assumed business name of JE Preston LLC; Comfort Flow Heating; Jeff and Jaqueline Walston: Foreclosure of construction lien, plaintiff alleges breach of contract.
Global Creditor's Network, assumed business name of Global Collections Corp.
There's a fair chance that the letter comes not from the Corporation Division of the Oregon Secretary of State, but rather from an outfit called Assumed Business Name Renewal Service that offers to renew business registrations - while charging a hefty service fee of $50 or more on top of the state's fee of $50.
The mailings come from a San Diego-based company called Assumed Business Name Renewal Service, and the invoices have a return address in Keizer.